Text Box: Traditional Aztec Dancing
The Aztec tradition is followed and practiced by people in both      Mexico and the United States. Special ceremonies are performed throughout the year and celebrate the cycle of life, nature and the rhythms of the Universe.

Mexican Folk Dancing

Mexico is a nation – comprised of more than 30 states — that can be devided up into regions based on unique folk dance styles, music and costumes.

The Yaqui Deer Dance/La Danza Del Venado

The Deer Dance, or La Danza del Venado, is a native Yaqui Dance from the northern Mexican state of Sonora.  Dancers reenact a dramatic deer hunt to honor the natural world...

The Day of the Dead Performance

Every November 1st and 2nd hundreds of thousands of people around the world - primarily in Mexico, Southwestern United States, and parts of Canada- celebrate the Day of the Dead... 

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