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Alejandro (Alex) Franco

Growing up, Alex performed with Tlatoani Cuahutemotzin in many of the states of Mexico in both modest and opulent venues. At the age of nine he began acting, performing both on television and the theatre. He was filmed more than once for the Mexican television show Caracol. In addition, his picture can be found in the National Anthropological Museum of Mexico, and in an elementary textbook used in the Mexican school system displaying traditional Aztec ceremonial dress.

In 1993 Alex was invited to perform for the United Nations while the Mexican government was hosting a summit on human rights. In 2000 Alex joined his brother in the United States to teach and perform with the Ballet Folklorico Mexico de Los Hermanos Avilla (2000-2005). During this time Alex learned Mexican folk dances and perfected the Aztec Fire Dance. Alex later became co-owner and director of the Ballet Folklorico Nacional Mexica (2005-2008). During this time he added the impressive deer solo of the Deer Dance to his dancing repertoire, learning from one of the masters, Alejandro Solis.

Over the years, Alex has performed for the Greenbay Packers, the Dallas Mavericks, and Tommy Thompson, the former governor of Wisconsin. He has also performed with the multicultural dance group Call for Peace, and the new age Native group Brule.

Currently, Alex is co owner and director of The Omeyocan Dance Company. He continues to be among the strongest Aztec dance soloists and teachers in the world.

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