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Aztec Dancing

Aztec dance is a truly spectacular event to behold!  To the accompaniment of ancient drum rhythms, the Omeyocan Dance Company performs authentic Aztec dances featuring ornate feathered headdresses, beaded costumes, ceremonial fire, high-energy footwork highlighted by the chatter of ankle rattles, and dramatic choreography full of symbolism.

The ancient Aztecs—the people who originally created and danced these dances—are renowned for the highly organized society they developed, where knowledge of mathematics, philosophy and astronomy was cultivated to a sophisticated degree.

This accumulated wisdom was nearly destroyed in the early 16th century during the Spanish conquest. Luckily, all was not lost. To this day, people belonging to the Aztec tradition safeguard the knowledge and principles of their ancestors, and strive to pass them down to the next generation. This often happens at ceremonies, which are performed throughout the year to celebrate the rhythms of the Universe and always include traditional dances.

The Omeyocan Dance Company is privileged to have brothers Roberto and Alejandro Franco, both traditional Aztecs, to direct this group, and to dance and drum alongside its members. With authentic steps, rhythms and regalia, the Omeyocan Dance Company performs the Aztec Fire Dance, the Eagle Dance, the Aztec Deer Dance, the Day of the Dead Dance and more.

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