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Deer dance

The Deer Dance, or La Danza del Venado, is a native Yaqui Dance from the northern Mexican state of Sonora. Their traditional territory continues into southern Arizona following the Sonoran desert. Dancers reenact a dramatic deer hunt to honor the natural world and the white tail deer, both who provide for most all the Yaqui’s needs.

The Deer Dance is one of the most popular dances in Mexico today. Because the Yaqui people fought valiantly to preserve their land and culture during the Spanish conquest of Mexico, the Deer Dance has no European influence and has changed very little over the centuries. This native Mexican dance is highly respected for its inherent ritual, primal, and spiritual qualities.

The mood of the Deer Dance is created with traditional instruments, employing the reed flute, percussion, rasps, rattles, and chanting to accompany the dancers. Graceful and athletic, the deer dancer imitates the movements of a wild white tail deer. Wearing a deer head atop his own, the dancer evokes the feeling of freedom inspired by all things wild. With proud and deliberate body movements the white tail deer travels through his forest, jumping fallen trees and cactus, listening to the forest sounds and drinking water from a stream. Finally the deer encounters a small band of hunters who stalk him with bows and arrows. A dramatic hunt ensues, and the hunters prevail. The percussion slows as the heart of the deer ceases to beat. The deer gives his life to the hunters so that they can live, enacting the cycle of life.

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