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What is a typical performance?

We tailor our 10 - 90 minute shows for the audience with the option of 1 to 3 couples (3-7 people) participating in the performance. The length of time for each section of a performance is dependent upon the number of dancers participating in the performance. The Omeyocan Dance Company performs in both indoor and outdoor venues, weather permitting.


Where do we perform 

We perform at venues such as festivals, theatres, schools, universities, churches, libraries, museums, educational workshops, quinceneras, fairs, celebrations, corporate and private events.

What sorts of Logistics does a show entail?

What sorts of Logistics does a show entail?

The Omeyocan Dance Company arrives 2 -3 hours before performance time to set up the sound system, stage, and costumes. The performers require a conveniently-located room (or comparable space) to change in and out of their costumes. Ideally, this space would be located directly behind or to the side of the performance stage.

Where do you find the costumes? 

Aztec outfits are sewn by Roberto and Alejandro Franco. The various feathers that adorn the headdress are purchased from a number of venders. Long pheasant tail feathers are from China, shorter pheasant feathers are from North America and colored Macaw feathers are from various tropical regions. The ankle rattles (huesos) are purchased in Mexico and are made from seed pods of a tree unique to the area. 

Is the fire in the Fire Dance real?

Yes! The fire used for the Aztec Fire Dance is real. After years of diligent training and countless burns, the Franco brothers have learned how to respect and handle the fire.  Please note - this is a skill that others should never attempt to practice on their own.

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